Protecting Entrepreneurs

Protecting Entrepreneurs


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Securing Your Wealth

Every Superhero has Their Kryptonite:
What you should know about the most important financial security protection


You didn’t get where you are today without being good at assessing business risk.

And yet, like many entrepreneurs, you probably don’t include your health, or that of your key people, in your daily calculation of the risks that could impact your goals.

After all, you feel fine — even superfine — so disability, critical illness, or even mortality, may not be high on your list of considerations. But they should be if you haven’t answered these questions satisfactorily:

  • What would you or your family do for income if you were disabled for six months?
  • What style would your household live in if you were to pass away?
  • How would you sustain the business if you, a key person, or partner were to die or become disabled?
A sound financial security plan comes to your rescue

Today’s key financial security products offer many forms of protection, so you can stay on track toward your goals should the unexpected happen.

For example, life insurance has evolved into so much more than a simple “death benefit.” Life insurance can also create significant wealth, transfer wealth, and protect the wealth you have in the most tax-effective manner possible.

That’s why we’d like to invite you to a one-on-one with us regarding building a plan for your financial security. It’s simply smart risk management any superhero would love.

Individual Financial Security

Depending on your needs, a well thought-out plan for your financial security would include one or more of the following insurance products.


  • Life: Term, Universal, Participating Whole Life
  • Disability
  • Critical Illness
  • Long-term Care


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